Sex after an abortion

Dizziness, fainting, nausea There is also a physical complication, called "Postabortal Syndrome" that refers to the blocking of the cervix by either tissue or clots immediately after the procedure, and this can be dangerous, as it does not allow the proper normal evacuation of the uterine comtents, and does not allow the uterus to return to normal size. Take care of yourself. If the amount of bleeding increases, or if the color of the discharge changes back to a bright red, indicating 'new' bleeding, you should call your Dr.

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If that doctor refuses, then call a new doctor from your health plan, or the yellow pages. In the meantime, if you have been doing too much activity, or lifting things, return to bedrest, or couch rest:

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Sweating Paleness Slight tachycardia Uterus is tense, tender, and enlarged on bimanual exam often equal to or larger than the uterine size before the procedure If postabortal syndrome occurs immediately following the procedure, the client generally reports increasing cramping and discomfort rather than the expected decreasing of these symptoms.

The pregnancy hormones that your body generates to keep you pregnant start to dissipate after the pregnancy has been terminated. If you don't want to go, push back until you find a Doctor that will see you. You can ovulate as soon as two weeks after an abortion, which means yes, you could get pregnant again within two weeks after an abortion!

Why can't a woman have sex for a few weeks after an abortion?

Complain of pain, bleeding and cramping and once you are with the doctor, you can tell the truth about what is going on. Postabortal syndrome also called postabortal hematometra is severe cramping and discomfort due to the collection of blood in the uterus that can occur following evacuation of the uterus. The uterus fills with clots and continues to bleed. However, health care providers strongly recommend that women wait until after the healing process has been completed before resuming penetration and having sex again.

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  1. So it's very important that you don't have sex again until you are healed physically and emotionally, and you have a clear consensus on what will happen if you become unexpectedly pregnant again. These above symptoms are like chest pain -- they can be absolutely no cause for concern, or they can be a sign that your life is in immediate danger.