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The bacteria that live in this space produce a slightly acidic environment which protects the vagina from harmful bacteria and yeast cells. This is simply the most comprehensive system ever made to show you how easy it is to stroke your gal into wet ecstasy!

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As we have already mentioned, the interior of the vagina is lined by mucous membrane, which secretes mucus designed to maintain the normal, healthy environment inside the vaginal space.

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How different would your life be if your woman was eager to have sex with you? If you're experiencing repeated infections or irritation it may be worth speaking to a doctor to try and establish the source of these infections and what you can do to keep them under control.

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You will learn the anatomy behind the female orgasm, see visible orgasm contractions, nipple erections, sex flush and more. One of the most important things to emphasize to a woman is that no matter what her genitals may look like, they are perfectly normal and there is no reason for shame or embarrassment. The inability to experience vaginal orgasms is associated with psychosexual immaturity, he wrote.

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Dr A Ostrzenski, a gynecologist, confirmed the existence of the G-spot, although it seems to be small - less than a fingernail in size. All the women reported feeling the stimulation inside their cervix, and obviously since the brain lit up with activity when the stimulation was applied, nerve impulses from the stimulation were actually reaching the brain. We are left with the inevitable question of the purely scientific viewpoint and how can sex therapy professional discriminate between a person who physically is unable to withhold his ejaculation and one who just lacks a degree of control?

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