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Toph was still outside on her towel. Aang pulled out of her and realized he was still hard. Katara, now with a change of heart, disagreed, saying that not everyone in the Nations were on their side, using Maliq as an example.

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This caught the attention of Noren , the director of the acting company, who invited them all to his home, where they could talk more freely.

Katara and Aang had three children by the time they were in their early thirties, Bumi , Kya , and Tenzin. When the battle unfolded, Katara used her waterbending to confront King Kuei and eventually took him into the city to show him the lives he would change were he to persist in his war.

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Sharing a kiss, she convinced him to find a quiet place to think about it all before jumping to action based on rushed conclusions. Once their ship was hit by a harpoon, Katara used her frosty breath of waterbending to freeze the hole in the ship's hull, thus repairing it. Her waterbending remained amateurish at best until she came across a Northern Water Tribe waterbending scroll depicting several different traditional waterbending forms, among a collection of wares in a pirate-traders ship.

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