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The fact that no one can really judge him keeps up the suspense for almost the complete episode. This is just how the Borg are acting all along along, but she is talking about the Collective and not about the evolving individual named Hugh that she doesn't know yet.

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Now before you get all hot and bothered thinking how cool it would be to have Kirk drop-kicking Jesus aboard the Enterprise , it's our duty to remind you of Star Trek V: Unless gas is their blood, except Mater mistakes wasabi for ice cream, which means they have ice cream.

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The Next Generation (TNG) Season 5

However, I think Deanna's clash with Ro after all, on three occasions in the episode is absolutely realistic in their situation and absolutely sufficient to show that different individuals deal differently with the same emergency situation. Aside from that, I think both sides should have tried harder to develop a common language - preferably one based on pictures and symbols. Please enter a Username. One reason Paramount felt confident in the risk of pouring so much money into the first season episodes - they figured if the show bombed, they'd just add the Next Gen episodes to TOS's syndication package of 79 episodes and make the money back that way. Cut off from the collective mind, Hugh soon develops individuality and refers to himself as "I" instead of "we".

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  1. This was part of an experiment to examine the nature of authority, as they were a Hive Mind with no concept of individuality or hierarchy.